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Among our achievements...
Throughout the years, many film producers, stage directors, advertising firms and puppet companies have come to us and found just what they were looking for among our fine group of artists and our diverse studio workshop.
We designed and built 25 rod puppets for
Orlando Disneyworld’s live stage production of
Hunchback of Notré Dame for Michael Curry Designs.
We have built several sets of puppets for other puppet company’s shows including Portland’s Tears of Joy Theatre’s Adventures of Perseus,
the Ojai Valley (California) Land Conservancy’s Quilly the Quail’s Adventure Show, and The Rockin' Ralphie Show featuring a hip Raccoon and his sidekick Brodie the Squirrel.
We built and operated several main puppet characters and were puppet consultants on
the children’s video
Wee Sing Under The Sea (Price, Stern, Sloan)
In 2001, the City of Sherwood Oregon
commissioned us to design and build a puppet presentation of
The Adventures of Robin Hood
for their annual
Robin Hood Days festival.
Resembling stained glass, these unique characters
lifted off the windows of our outdoor chapel
to battle foes in this romantic legend of old.
We designed and installed eight windows
for Tiffany & Co., for the opening
of the San Francisco Opera season featuring marionettes from The Olde World Puppet Theatre.
We Built Barqy -
The Barq's Root Beer Dog
We designed, built, and patterned the all-cloth marionette of Carmen Miranda which was featured in five consecutive issues of the internationally respected Cloth Doll Magazine.
This is just a sampling of some of the fine companies and their products with which we have had the pleasure of working.
We are extraordinarily proud of our craftsmanship and the work we have generated throughout the years, stretching from coast to coast and even reaching worldwide audiences.
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Last but not least, some one-of-a-kind characters we have built. Here you will find a wide range of puppets or walkaround characters from a life-size Hans Christian Anderson to a larger-than-life river otter named Sophie,
built to help children discover the joys of reading.
Rockin' Ralphie
Quilly the Quail’s
Adventure Show
Adventur es
of Perseus
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