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We currently have three exhibits up and ready for viewing.

The first was in Vancouver, Washington, USA, in May of 2006.
It celebrated Tears of Joy Theatre's annual Puppetfest.

The second exhibit only has the catalog of the puppets displayed in the exhibit.
It was held at the Cannon Beach Historical Society in Cannon Beach, Oregon
from November 27, 1999 - February 15, 2000.

The Third was in Portland, Oregon in December, 2008
to celebrate the opening of Tears of Joy Theatre's "Reluctant Dragon".
Jewels, Treasures
& Diamonds
in the Rough
at PuppetFest
May 2006

Click Here
The Magic World
of Puppets

at the Cannon Beach Historical Society
November 27, 1999 - February 15, 2000

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Calling All Dragons!
at the
Delores Winningstad Theatre
in Portland, Oregon
December, 2008

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Videos from our Legends of the Exotic East Exhibit
September & October 2012
At the museum, we enabled QR codes so that visitors with internet capable cellphones could view some of the puppets on display in action!
To view any or all of those videos, Click here.
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