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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop

Jason, Marty & Bill

Only 23 mold halves left to cast in plaster. Oh, will we ever be done??? Jason, Marty & Bill contemplate new careers --

Plaster, Plaster, Everywhere!!!

Plaster, Plaster, Everywhere!!!
49 mold halves to date

Kristin Jarvis Joins our sculpting team

Kristin Jarvis, another Tears of Joy intern sent over to help us get the work out. At this point, Steve, Bill, Jason & Candace welcome any and all help with sculpting. And Surprise! she's quite good at it.

Dan DeMoy with the First Place Plaque

Dan DeMoy proudly displaying the plaque St. Wolfgang's received for their float in the Starlight Parade. He designed and oversaw the building of the float, and the plaque rests proudly in his living room.

June 17, 2001

Well, a whole lot has happened in the last two weeks. Lets list our activities by date to get caught up.

Thursday May 31 Twenty members of St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild including Steve, Marty, and Candace dress up in their Renaissance costumes and help with the opening ceremonies of Portland's Rose Festival.

Friday June 1 Marty's brother Steve arrives from the Island of Chuuk (where he lives) for a month long visit. For those of you who are geographically challenged, Chuuk is one of the Federated Islands of Micronesia, formerly called Truk. It is vaguely near Guam, and somewhat below the middle of a straight line drawn between Hawaii and New Zealand.

Saturday June 2 St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild float entered in the Starlight Festival Parade. Despite some problems, we win FIRST PLACE in the Non-Profit Division. Huzzah!!! Click Here for pictures of the float. Last year we took second place, this year we took first. What can we possibly do next year?

Sunday June 3 Took down float, storing all the pieces for use on July 20 & 21 at Sherwood Oregon's Robin Hood Festival, where St. Wolfgangs and the Olde World Puppet Theatre will both perform.

Monday June 4-Friday June 8 Shop full of people, carving, smoothing, casting plaster and neoprene, and some just watching the progress. Included were Nancy, Jason, Justin, Jason, Kirby, Candace, Steve O, Steve R, Kristin, Kristy & Chris Bishop, Larry, and probably several others I've forgotten. Plaster molds are stacking up like cordwood, and Neoprene pieces are beginning to emerge.

Saturday June 9 Played hookey and went to see the world premiere of Michael Curry's Spirit. Fun show and a good break.

Sunday June 10 St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild meeting at Steve's Parent's house.

Monday June 11-Friday June 15 More plaster. Bill & Marty are starting to get REALLY TIRED of plaster. But finally the end is in sight. We've cast 48 plaster mold halves, which represent about 60 neoprene pieces, since some of them get cast more than once. We've gone through 14 50-pound bags of plaster, and we're down to our last mold half of the witches hands and that will be it for the plaster on this project!!! Kristin trying her hand at plaster to give Marty a break.

Tuesday June 12-Thursday June 13 Steve, Marty, Jason & Dan DeMoy are also rehearsing for the Olde World Puppet Theatre presentation on Saturday & Sunday of No, No, No, Pinocchio at Portland's Pride 2001 on Saturday and Sunday. Two run-throughs each night since Jason has never performed it before.

Saturday June 16 & Sunday June 17 We perform at Pride 2001 to great acclaim. We were there last year and it was good to be back.

Sunday June 17 Marty opens freezer to get ice and there staring back at him are 4 plasticine hands placed there to get hard for plaster casting. OH NO!!! Four more plaster mold halves. Will it ever end???

Well, that's how June has gone thus far. We've got several neoprene pieces, including all of the ones we need for The Dreamweaver, the Stories of Hans Christian Andersen. Next week we'll be getting the moveable eyes in Hans and the little girl.

Marty's Brother Steve visiting from Chuuk

Marty's brother Steve visiting from the island of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia.

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