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Our biggest plaster mold so far

Our biggest plaster mold so far
The head of Danae cast in plaster and ready for neoprene.
The mold is appx. 18 x 22" in size.

Marty with Neoprene of Atlas

A successful unveiling for the
Columbia Association of Puppeteers
The head of Atlas emerges from its plaster cocoon.

The work crew & Janet Bradley, head of Tears of Joy Theatre

The Crew shows Janet Bradley, head of Tears of Joy Theatre their progress to date
From Left: Kristin Jarvis, Steve Overton, Jason Ropp,
Candace Dobson, Janet Bradley, Marty Richmond,
Bill Holznagel, and Nancy Aldrich.

My word, what a lot of pieces!

Here's what she saw
Heads of Atlas, Perseus (2) Polydectes, Danae, two of the three Graeae Sisters, Andromeda, five torsos, six pairs of feet.

Two shows overlap - Hans & Quilly

Two shows overlap - Hans & Quilly
Bill Holznagel got an itch to get started, and here's three beginning sculpts for the Topa Luna (Quilly the Quail) Show. From left: the Lizard, the Ant, and Quilly the Quail.

Pieces finished as June becomes July

Pieces finished as June becomes July
As of the last day of June, all of the parts and pieces needed in neoprene for the Perseus show are cast and in some stage of being finished.

July 4, 2001

Well, once again, a whole lot has happened in the last two weeks. I didn't realize when we started how hard it would be to keep these pages current while getting all my other work done along with them. So, once again, lets do it by date to get caught up.

Monday June 18 No work today. Went to see Disney's Atlantis movie. Steve liked it, Marty fell asleep twice.

Tuesday June 19 Well, disaster finally struck in plaster land. The witches hand mold was deemed unusable, and the hands have to be recarved and recast in plaster. Bummer.
We also cast the hands I found in the freezer a couple of pages back. Steve & Nancy pored over some paint color books to choose the skin base colors for all the characters.
We also began the task of mounting the moving eyes in Hans and the little girl.

Wednesday June 20 The Final plaster cast for the Perseus puppets. Able to clean up plaster land and breathe a little easier without the dust everywhere. Nancy cast some pieces in the A-R Latex she likes. They turn out to be brittle and hard to machine, so only a few pieces were cast from it.

Thursday June 21 The monthly meeting of the Columbia Association of Puppeteers was held here in our shop. Sort of a progress report to the members.
I threw all caution to the winds, and decided to open the head of Atlas while the members watched. Not a move for the faint of heart. As you can see from the picture, it was a success.

Friday June 22 A really BAD DAY!!! While at his day job, Marty managed to trip and fall while carrying a large concrete object.
He landed on his face and spent seven hours in the hospital emergency room strapped to a body board. NOT FUN!!!
Many, Many stitches, and needless to say, no work today for Marty or Steve.

Saturday June 23 Marty a mess, home and resting, but others keep going.

Sunday June 24 St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild meeting - Marty goes to scare everybody - and does a good job of it!

Monday June 25 Bill Holznagel decided he couldn't wait any longer and starts carving plasticine for three of the characters from the Quilly Show.

Tuesday June 26 - Friday June 29 A blur of neoprene casting, grinding, gesso painting, and starting to put the final colors on some of the pieces.

Saturday June 30 Marty's brother Steve departs Portland to return to the Micronesean Islands where he lives.
The final pieces are now cast in neoprene and are in some phase of finishing.

On the next page, you'll see some tricks we've learned about what you can do with neoprene to enhance the look of your puppets.

This page is dedicated to
Marty's Dad:

John B. Richmond Sr.

John Barnes Richmond, Sr.
December 1, 1910 - July 4, 1994
A great Dad and a true craftsman -
You are with us always.

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