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August 18, 2001- (Page 1of 4)


Well, we officially delivered the Graeae Sisters to Tears of Joy today, the first of the Perseus puppets to leave the shop. Nancy Aldrich brought the whole TOJ crew over to see our shop and the whole cast of Perseus. Most of them are complete or nearly so, except the Sea Monster which will take another few days. A lot has happened since the last page, and on this and the next few pages we will see many of the final assembly steps in their making.

Steve models the Poseidon mask

Steve models the Poseidon mask. Daniel the puppeteer came over and we fitted it to his head.

We need lots of arms and legs

We need lots of arms and legs. Here, bill is painting the first coat of paint on several of them. The legs are made of canvas and stuffed with polyfill. They are hot glued to the hands or feet before painting.


Kristin working of Atlas' legs

Kristin working on Atlas' legs. He is the biggest puppet in the show (except for the Sea Monster) so he has the biggest legs.

Lots of arms and legs drying in the August Heat

Lots of arms and legs drying in the August Heat.They have been painted with two coats of flesh colored paint, and then sprayed with several coats of clear varnish to protect them.


Bill attaching Medusa's legs

Bill attaching Medusa's leg. They are sewn to the neoprene with upholstery thread and then hot glued for good measure.


The main control rod for Andromeda

The main control rod for Andromeda. It goes through the head and is glued to the inside of the forehead. It is made of wooden dowels and plastic pipe fittings (and lots of hot glue), The head is attached to the body with a loop of coat hanger wire coming up out of the neck and another rod of coat hanger wire going from ear to ear with the ends bent over on the outside and hidden with paint or accessories.

Morgan with a dress from Cinderella

Good heavens, what's this? Morgan with a dress from Cinderella that needed a serious overhaul. Well, if you want to get something done, give it to the busiest people you know!

Kristin in a rare moment of relaxation

Kristin in a rare moment of relaxation. She's leaving today to go back to college for the winter. Good Luck Kristin. Thanks for all your help -- you will be missed by all of us. Hope we'll see you next summer!!!

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