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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop

Steve Overton Coloring the Drawing of Quilly the Quail

Steve coloring in the original pen and ink drawing of Quilly the Quail. Usually two or three color schemes are tried before the final one is chosen.

April 11, 2001

Well, Steve's got four of the five OVLC color drawings finished. Below you can see what the ant looks like in the original pen and ink drawing, and what they look like when they are painted in different colors. Pete Johnson, the OVLC contact, had to decide which the color scheme was going to be used for the puppet.

The differences are small but important in the final look and feel of the finished puppet. We've now got approvals on the colors for the Quail, the Mouse, the Ant, and the Snail. As construction begins, you'll begin to see how much the final puppets resemble the initial drawings.

Original drawing of the Ant

Original Pen & Ink
Drawing of The Ant

Ant Drawing - Choice 1

Choice #1

Ant Drawing - Choice 2

Choice #2

Ant Drawing - The Winner



Quilly the Quail

Here are the other three approved drawings. Quilly the Quail, the Mouse and the Snail.

The Mouse

The Snail

In the meantime...we are also overseeing construction of the giant puppets for the Day of Species Parade here in Portland, Oregon on April 28, 2001. Working with volunteer labor and recycled materials, we are building five new puppets and rebuilding several that were used in the parade last year.

We've only got two Saturday afternoons remaining so a lot of quick finish work will be needed to maximize the puppets that will be finished for the parade. Below are three pictures of the puppets in progress.

Giant Puppet Building Workshop

Giant Puppet Building Workshop

Giant Puppet Building Workshop
On the Perseus front, Steve Overton, Marty Richmond & Bill Holznagel of Olde World Puppet Theatre had a production meeting with Nancy Aldrich and William Earl of Tears of Joy Theatre to discuss the look of the characters and their relative sizes. Our next step is to produce paper cutouts of the characters in their relative sizes to make sure the sizes work together as a group.

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