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August 22, 2001

Wow, our shop is almost empty! As of today, we've delivered Perseus, Danae, Andromeda, the Graeae Sisters, Atlas, Polydectes, Medusa, and the masks of Posiedon and Athena. All that's left is the Sea Monster - and the entire cast of Perseus - Hero of Ancient Greece will be finished.
A future page will show finished pictures of the whole cast, but we've got a few things to finish up first.

Last night, Bill and Marty cast the mold of Quilly the Quail's head, starting production on that show. ..and the beat goes on!

Bill, Marty, Steve, & Kristin

Bill, Marty, Steve, & Kristin, relaxing before Kristin leaves to go back to college.Thanks again, Kristin, for all your help.

Polydictus' necklace

A closeup of Polydectes' necklace. Attention to detail is one of our points of pride.

closeup of Medusa's beam

A closeup of Medusa's beam hanging from her stand. If you look closely, you can see the little switch that controls the lights in her eyes. The horizontal rod on the back of the beam (to the right in the picture) holds up her wings.

Polydictus' Throne

Polydectes' Throne. We didn't build it, but we think its neat, and wanted you to see a picture of it. Once painted and covered in its royal fabrics, it will be a nice addition to the set.



Perseus in the latest Greek swimwear

Perseus ready for the beach. No, just the start of his costume.


Morgan working on Perseus' tunic

Morgan working on Perseus' tunic.

Perseus in his tunic

Perseus in his tunic, gauntlet, and wings. The wings and gauntlet attach with velcro after they are given to him by Athena (A very modern goddess she is, after all).


Perseus' wings

Perseus' wings and wrist gauntlets

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