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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop

August 22, 2001- (Page 2 of 2)

We went to Tears of Joy's rehearsal space to work with their puppeteers today, and I've got a few pictures of that. We also get a peek at the set, which is under construction there.There will be a lot added to the set before its finished, but it's ready for the puppeteers to rehearse on.

An overall view of the set

An overall view of the set. The boxes you see will be painted and covered with fabric. They are also the transport device for the show. The puppets and props pack down into them and they roll out to the van.

Steve working Perseus

Steve working Perseus for the first time. The glue is still almost wet on his knots.

Nancy meeting with Jessie & Daniel

Nancy meeting with Jessie McCracken and Daniel Wright, the two puppeteers who will be taking Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece on the road.

Nancy videotaping Steve showing how to do it.

Steve giving a lesson on marionette manipulation to Daniel .



Steve giving Jessie a lesson

Steve giving Jessie a lesson on working Perseus.


Some old TOJ puppets watching the action

Some older TOJ puppets watching intently as the new show unfolds.

Jessie & Daniel rehearsing

Jessie and Daniel rehearsing the scene between Perseus and the Graeae Sisters, working the puppets for the first time. Daniel is inside the middle Graeae Sister wearing her as a mask, and puppeteering the others, one in each hand.


Perseus & his mother, Danae

Perseus and his mother, Danae, discussing the evening's events.

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