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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop

August 23, 2001

We went back to Tears of Joy's rehearsal space this morning to be taped for a segment of an upcoming Oregon Art Beat on KOPB, the local PBS affiliate. It won't air until April, 2002, (due to production delays, it actually aired in November, 2002) but they wanted to see the work in progress, so we did it today. K.C. Cowan, the host of the show was most gracious and asked good questions about how a show such as Perseus comes together.

The Graeae Sisters discuss their television debut

Two of the Graeae Sisters discuss their television debut.

Getting the camera ready

Preparing the camera for the shoot.

More camera prep

More camera preparation.The sound technician, the cameraman, and K.C. Cowan, the host.

Final preparation

Final preparation


Nancy working on Perseus early scene with Polydictus

Nancy working with Jessie and Daniel on the early scene between Perseus and Polydictus.


Getting closeups

Getting closeups. We did most everything twice so the camera could show it from two different angles.


Steve and Casey discuss the building of Perseus

Steve and K.C. discuss the building of Perseus while the cameraman prepares for another closeup of the puppets.



More Discussion

Steve makes a point.




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