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September 7, 2001- (Page 2 of 3)

Well, day one has come and gone. Now we move on to day two. We've been building continuously for a lot of days now, so they seem to blend into one long session.


Our progress after day one

9/6/2001 -- 02:23:20
Our progress after day one. Two twenty three in the morning is a bit later than the normal stop time in our shop. But we do usually start in the afternoon and go late into the evening.

Steve working on the body

9/6/2001 -- 23:04:40
Steve working on Quilly's body. Tucks are taken in the fabric to make the desired body shape.

Bill's painting of Quilly's head continues

9/6/2001 -- 23:05:05
Bill's painting of Quilly's head continues with the eyes. The only way we're going to finish Quilly on time is to work through the night, grabbing naps where we can.

Quilly's body  with undercoat paint

9/7/2001 -- 02:03:56
Quilly's body (upside down) with first coat of paint. The neck is formed from a heavy-duty paper mailing tube glued inside the neck fabric. A coat hanger wire loop is formed in it to hang the body from the head.

Steve roughing out Quilly's vest

9/7/2001 -- 02:04:22
Steve roughing out Quilly's vest. Well sort of -- he eventually threw this one away and modified another finished one that he had in a box of fabric scraps. This fabric was canvas and didn't work in the costume like he thought it would.

A finished wing

9/7/2001 -- 02:04:31
A finished wing. Marty sewed them to the body with puppet thread and a curved needle. An unusual concession from one who usually has nothing to do with fabric. Bill painted parts of these too.

Oh, what a jolly, pleasing mess

9/7/2001 -- 02:08:48
Oh, what a jolly, pleasing, mess. It always amazes me how many different tools and supplies it takes to make a finished puppet. Bill, Candace & Steve working away as the clock ticks past two in the morning -- Friday morning.

Bill drying Quilly's body paint

9/7/2001 -- 02:17:52
Bill drying Quilly's body paint. Is this boy tired???

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