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September 7, 2001- (Page 3 of 3)

Day two has blended into day three. It's the middle of the night. We have to be finished by no later than 3:30 this afternoon to have Quilly at Fedex in time for Saturday morning delivery in Ojai, California. Candace is about to go home, leaving Bill, Marty & Steve to press on, regardless.

Here's where we are at 3 am

9/7/2001 -- 03:03:02
Here's where we are at 3 am. Quilly looks more finished in this picture than he really is. The vest, for one is not the final version. The head, cape, and wings are not attached, etc.

The body and wing assembly

9/7/2001 -- 06:20:20
6 am -- Body painting is finished, boots and wings are attached

The head with Bill's finished paint job

9/7/2001 -- 06:27:40
The head with Bill's finished paint job. The eyes take the longest, with many details to take care of.

Quilly's new vest

9/7/2001 -- 07:31:28
Quilly in his new vest.

Quilly ralmost eady for stringing

9/7/2001 -- 09:02:14
Quilly fully assembled and ready for stringing (to the beam Marty made yesterday).

Quilly done and ready to ship

9/7/2001 -- 11:18:04
Quilly strung and ready to ship. We packed him in a box and Marty drove him to the Fedex office to be shipped to California in time for the Gala!!!!

Well, we did it. A three day miracle. Our heartfelt thanks to Bill Holznagel and Candace Dobson for going the extra mile with us. We've got four more puppets to make in the Quilly series, but we aren't going to do them each in three days.
No, No, No!!!
We might even take a day or two off.

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