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Late update- February 2002

We're sorry to report that
All American Fabric & Trim has closed.

Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop


October 4, 2001

Work is progressing nicely on the Quilly show on several fronts. The mouse head is now safely in plaster and the halves are baking in the oven as I type.

Bill worked on the ant head tonight and got the mouth spring installed and filled in the place where the casting sprue was left on her neck.

Marty cleaned the mouse head molds in preparation for baking.

Steve went fabric shopping and came back with all of the fabrics needed to finish the Quilly puppets.

Some people asked us where we get the fabrics for our puppets.

Here in Portland, Oregon, the two large fabric outlets are Mill End Fabrics and Fabric Depot. They both have all of the usual fabrics you can find in any fabric store in America, along with some specialty fabrics and all the needed notions, both routine and special.

We shop more often at Mill End since its only about a mile from our shop.

But, for the truly outrageous fabrics, we travel to a different store, All-American Fabric & Trim. It's nice that they are on Macadam Avenue in Southwest Portland, just over the bridge from our shop, for we often need small quantities of the fabrics that they carry.

So, let's go shopping at All-American Fabric & Trim.

All American Fabrics exterior

Tthe exterior of All American Fabrics gives not a clue as to the wonderous delights that await inside.

Lots of sparkly fabrics

Row after row of special and fancy fabrics.

Sparkles for days

Sparkles for days.

Marilyn is ready to find just what you need

Marilyn is waiting to help you find that just-right fabric for your project. (Steve also took a picture of owner Dusty York, but it didn't come out -- Sorry Dusty).

Buttons and bows galore

Buttons and bows galore -- they also have one of the best supplies of feathers and boas in the Northwest.


Appliques to die for

Appliques to die for.

Some of Steve's selections

Some of Steve's selections. These will find their way onto the Lizard.

More of Steve's fabric choices

More of Steve's fabric choices. He now has all of the fabrics to finish all the Quilly puppets. (At least that's what he told me -- we'll see!)

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