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October 12, 2001(Page 1 of 2)


The Quilly show has our full and undivided attention now. Steve, Marty, Candace and Bill are working day after day to get the four remaining Quilly puppets finished (as well as altering Quilly himself to the new design).

The mouse (Holly) is center stage right now. She'll be the first one of this batch to be finished. But first, lets catch up on all the characters and see where they are right now.

The Ant so far

The ant (Terra) is ready for her skin. Her eyes got the multi-faceted look with a dremel tool, silver and black paint. Her mouth is finished and she's been connected together with heavy black elastic cord.


Sculpting the snail body

Candace and Bill worked countless hours on sculpting the Snail's (Professor Salt 'n' Puff's ) shell. We debated for a long time whether to make his shell out of cloth mache or in neoprene. We decided that neoprene would allow us to get the most faithful reproduction of the beautiful sculpt.

The front side of the Snail

The front side of the snail.

The back side of the snail

The back side of the snail.
Casting this one in neoprene, let alone plaster, is going to be an adventure. It will be our largest mold to date (by far).
We'll have some pictures soon, since the five gallon bucket of neoprene is due here on Saturday.


The Mouse head in plaster

Holly's plasticine head one half cast in plaster.

Once again, plaster fills the shop

Once again, plaster overtakes the shop, this time for the Quilly characters. Steve and Justen cleared out some space in the basement to store some of the pieces, and Marty just has to take them down there (once they're good and dry).


Bill casting the mouse ears

Bill casting Holly's ears. They were done open-faced like the Perseus mask molds. Her ears will be floppy and only loosely attached to her head.

Holly's ears drying

Holly's ears drying. This is the second set.The first set didn't come out so good since there was a skin on the top of the neoprene that settled on the inner surface of the ear and made it bumpy.
We were able to use them however. Along with the first casting of the head, which also didn't quite work out (too thin) - we had a mockup of the head to try different things without messing up the final head.

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