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October 12, 2001(Page 2 of 2)


Now, let's focus in on Holly. We've been going on her for the past week, and lots of progress has been made.

She's just a couple of days from being finished. Stay tuned...

Holly's mock up plasticine body

Steve and Bill carved a plasticine body for Holly. From this, Steve was able to pattern-cut the fur for Holly's body. The practice neoprene head and ears are also shown.

Some of Holly's fur pieces

Some of Holly's fur pieces on the master pattern which will be kept for the future.

The fur & plasticine bodies

The fur body alongside the plasticine one. The fur body will take some tucks and shaping before it is finished.

Finger makings

Finger makings. Holly will be wearing the gloves shown here. They will be stuffed with the wires with cotton fluff wrapped around them as shown.

Body and arms taking shape

The body and arm with hand taking shape.

The mockup head with some paint tests on it

The mockup head with some paint tests on it.
Bill and Marty bet Steve that he couldn't paint one of Holly's eyes in less than two minutes. We lost!!! (One minute, forty three seconds was all it took). The real ones take a little longer.

The moving eye and mouth elements

The moving eye and mouth mechanisms.
Yes, they look like the other ones we've seen on these pages before, but Marty worked hard and long on these. (and since he makes these pages...)

Bill and Holly's tail

Every mouse needs a tail, and Holly is no exception.
Bill is stuffing the fur tail with a sequence of wooden balls tied on a cord to give the tail heft and good movement.


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