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November 8, 2001(Page 2 of 3)

OK, we've got Professor Salt 'n' Puff's shell cast, cleaned, and ready to paint. Let's see - it took Candace, Steve & Bill to carve the sculpt - Marty, Steve & Bill to make the plaster mold - Marty & Steve to do the neoprene pour - Marty to get the neoprene ready for painting - and now its all up to Bill to paint the final finish on it. Take it away, Bill...


Black gessoed and ready to paint

Two coats of black gesso and ready to paint.


First comes the white-light grey

First comes the white-light gray

Then the orange-brown

Then the orange-brown

Orange-brown finished

The orange-brown finished

Then some more white

Then some more white.

Now some yellow

Now some yellow


Almost there

Some more brown and he's almost there.

The final paint job

The final paint job. After this dries for a couple of days, two good coats of clear satin acrylic spray will finish it off.

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