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November 8, 2001(Page 3 of 3)

OK, enough on the snail for right now, we've also got Terra, the Ant, moving along in production as well. Lets look at her progress. Many of the steps in her creation include the use of cloth (a material with which I do not work - except under extreme duress). Therefore, most of these steps are done by Steve and Candace, as we will see here.


See, we've got cloth already

See, we've got cloth already. Steve is working on the prototype for Terra's legs (or arms).

Now here's something I CAN do

Now here's something I CAN do. These will become the interior of the arms and legs. Copper wire, wood, elastic and epoxy. Now these are materials I can work with. The elastic will attach the legs/arms to the body and the copper wire will allow them to be positioned as desired.

Bill, done with painting works on Terra's legs

Bill, done with painting, works on Terra's legs


The leg assembly

Three steps in the leg assembly - the copper wire is covered with fluffy stuff, then covered with two layers of (uh oh here it comes again) cloth and sewn up.
The one at the top shows how the positioning is made possible by the copper wire.

Meanwhile, Steve works on the body

Meanwhile, Steve works on Terra's body. Here he's marking where the arm/leg assemblies will attach to the neoprene body.
Terra consists of three neoprene castings - her head (shown in the background) the middle piece (which we'll call the body) and the back piece (which we'll call the tail -- Be quiet and put your arm down).
The yellow piece is the little connector thingy which ants have (which no doubt has some fancy Latin name - but we'll call "the little connector thingy").
They will all be held together by a double threading of elastic which will run from the tip of her tail up and into her head.


The body in its cloth covering

The body in its cloth covering. They are fancy Spandex fabrics that we bought at All American Fabric a few pages back.
It gets stretched and glued with fabric tack glue onto the neoprene casting.


Terra begins to take shape

Terra begins to take her final shape. The body in its purple splendor is finished. and the red and gray spandex are starting to cover her tail.


When covering weird shapes -- spandex is your friend

When covering weird shapes -- spandex is your friend. The pins hold the spandex in position until the glue dries.

Well, that's where we are tonight. Progress on a lot of fronts.

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