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November 14, 2001

More work to show on Terra, the Ant. All of the sub-assemblies are getting finished and she's almost there. We're without Candace, who has the flu or something, so Steve, Bill and Marty push ever onward.

Steve stretching and glueing the velveteen

Steve stretching and gluing the velveteen on Terra's head. Its a weird shape to cover, so lots of patience is required.

Bill working on her antennae

Bill working on her antennae. They are made of two different sizes of springs, covered with some Chinese finger-torture Christmas trim that Candace found at K-mart or Walmart (one of those marts anyway). A small plastic bead at the tip completes them.

The antennae finished

The anetnnae finished except for the red velveteen which covers the bottom

We also need a beam

Meanwhile, Marty has been making a beam for Terra. She'll actually have two, one for her body and a smaller detachable one for her head. They are both crosses, this one, the larger of the two, is 17" x 12", while the smaller is 7" x 7". The small one is held together with a nut and a long bolt which drops into a hole in the front of the large cross.


Spider Man's girlfriend?

Spiderman's girlfirend? No, Terra's head with the velveteen finished.

Getting ever more done

Terra, getting ever more done - here's where we left her last night. All the parts are in their proper position, but none of them are attached.


Steve painting Terra's head

Steve painting highlights on Terra's head (which also hides some unavoidable glue booboos). The antennae are also clearly seen here.

Terra, arising from the clutter

Terra tonight -- head and body done, legs and arms (?) mostly finished (awaiting attachment), beam ready. She's real close to being done.

Work also progresses on Professor Salt 'n' Puff - Marty finally got a mouth movement that he liked, and Bill sprayed three coats of clear acrylic on his shell. Bill also fitted the sewable foam rubber lining into the wizard's head.

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