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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop


November 18, 2001

Still more work to show on Terra, the Ant. Bill also came down with some sort of flu, so Steve & Marty worked on alone. Putting all of the pieces together was the last step before stringing her - lets take a look.

Last minute work on Terra's arms

Last minute work on Terra's arms. Steve is taking some tucks in her arms to position them correctly when she's strung.

Tying her legs on

Terra's legs are held on with elastic cording which goes through a hole drilled in one body side and out the other. The elastic is threaded through her body and then tied off.


Attaching the body and head together

In a similar manner, the body pieces are also attached with elastic running from front to back. There is also elastic threaded through the head, which is attached to the body elastic in a joint which is hidden by the cloth neck.

Temporary, test stringing

Temporary, test stringing. All of the body strings are attached to the same point (a chain hanging from the ceiling). The head strings are attached from another point in the ceiling. With these strings, we can see if the movement and positioning of the body and head are what we want.

Terra, together with her temporary strings

Terra, hanging from her temporary strings

Glamour shot #1

Here's how she looks in a clearer view.


Ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille

Ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille.

So, let's get me on my beam

Soon, the final stringing and I'll be done!

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