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December 3, 2001

Terra left today via UPS. She's currently heading down Interstate 5 in a big brown box in a big brown truck headed for Ojai, California. Work continues on Professor Salt 'n' Puff.


Terra, the attack ant

Terra, fleeing the vicious attack dog. Both of them are realistic and lifelike puppets, don't you think? -- Just kidding, folks.



The Professor's eyes part 1

The professor's eyes are wooden balls with holes in them for the elastic cording. Here they are painted with their first coats of white gesso and the start of the eyeball.
Since the professor has no arms or legs, the eyes will be his most expressive feature -- a lot of attention has been paid to them.


The Professors eyes - part 2

The eyes, once painted, get coated with several coats of clear nail polish.

The professor's eyes - part 3

The finished eye assemblies. We decided on the fabric outer covering for the stalks rather than the clear tubing shown two pages ago. They will extend up and down about three inches from the brim of the hat.

The finished body

The body, turned right-side out and stuffed. The pillow in the middle supports the shell, which is sewn to it at the bottom.

The undercarriage

The underside of the body.

Attaching the fabric to the head

Attaching the fabric skin over the neoprene head.

Where to put the head string attachments.

Deciding where to put the attachment eyelets for the head strings. The front to back balance point is important here.

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