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December 4, 2001

Professor Salt 'n' Puff left today via Fedex. He's off to the airport for the fastest ride in his young life, headed for Ojai, California. Let's look at the finishing steps in his construction.

Eye stems going into hat

The eye stalks extend up through the grommets in the hat.


Eye stems with elastic

The eye stalks viewed from the underside of the hat.


Attaching eye stalks to head

The elastic inside the eye stalks attaches to small eyelets screwed into the head.

Finished head assembly

The finished head, with hat, antennae, and eyes, ready to attach to the body.


Ataching the shell to the body

Attaching the shell to the body.

Attaching the head to the body

Attaching the head to the body.

Meet the Squail

The finished snail -- wait a minute, where did those wings come from? Those are the Quail's new wings.
I quess we've just created a "Squail".

The finished snail

Professor Salt 'n' Puff finished.-- If you would like to see a bigger picture of him, click here.
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