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Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop

Overlapping Projects

Projects overlap as Steve (left) and Jason Ropp (right) are
working on Perseus sculpts, while the Big Pink Bunny from the Parade of Species awaits transport to our storage unit.

St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild set up in Leavenworth Washington

St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild tents and equipment set up
in Leavenworth Washington

Dan DeMoy Production of The Pretzel-Crossed Lovers, The Agnes Bernauer Story

The Dan DeMoy Production of The Pretzel-Crossed Lovers,
The Agnes Bernauer Story

2000 Second Prize Winning Float by St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild

Part of last year's second-prize winning float in Portland's
Starlight parade built by St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild

May 17, 2001

We wear a lot of hats here at puppetmuseum.com. Two weekends ago, we were involved in the Giant Puppet Parade here in Portland. Last weekend, May 12-14, we were travelling with St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild, our renaissance performing guild, to Leavenworth, Washington for our third annual visit to help them celebrate Mother's Day old Bavarian style. 30+ of our members made the 5 1/2 hour trip from Portland to Leavenworth.

Our first performance was late Friday afternoon, so we had to load the Ryder Rent-A-Truck early on Thursday and drive up to Leavenworth. Steve, Justin, Candace & Marty spent Thursday night there and early Friday we began setting up our Pavillions (Pavillia?) and other equipment. The other members joined us one and two at a time, and most of us were there for the Friday afternoon show.

Saturday and Sunday we performed all day long, and two puppet shows were featured. The Dan DeMoy rod-puppet production of The Pretzel-Crossed Lovers, The Agnes Bernauer Story was performed on Saturday, and our Olde World Puppet Theatre marionette production of No Rhyme, Nor Reason was performed on Sunday. Our guild members also performed with singing, dancing, games, and generally entertaining the large crowd gathered to celebrate Mother's Day. The Duke & Duchess (Ken & Bobbi Overton) also handed out flowers to the mothers who visited in their pavillion.

The Seattle Knights (www.seattleknights.com) were there and this year they had both their land fighters and their mighty jousting horses. (Last year they only had the land fighters.)

Patti Herres of The Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce (www.leavenworth.org) had also booked lots of local talent featuring Accordian Players, Maipole Dancers, Alpenhorn Players, bands, etc.

Sunday afternoon at 5:00 pm, we took it all down and packed it back into the truck. Most members then drove back to Portland, but Steve and I stayed one last night and drove home Monday.

Tuesday we assembled a small group to put all the equipment back in our storage unit, but wait... Over the next three weeks, we have to build a float to fill a 60 foot semi-truck trailer for Portland's Starlight Parade. Last year we took Second Place in the Community Non-Sponsored Division, and this year we're determined to take First Place. (for pictures of last year's float, click here).

Many of the props needed for the float are also stored in the same storage unit, so they were all loaded into the truck and taken to float designer Dan DeMoy's house where the float is being built. Then and only then could we turn the truck back in.

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