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Perseus & Andromeda

Perseus and Andromeda, with Perseus looking properly Greek.

Hands Up!

It will take a lot of pieces to build the cast of Perseus.
Some characters can share hands or feet, but then again,
some can't - and individual ones have to be carved.

Soon to be Hans Christian Anderson Hans Christian Anderson

Marty starts and Steve continues Hans Christian Andersen sculpt.
Yes, he has (and HAD) a very large nose.


Look at that nose

Marty poses for sculpt of Hans Christian Andersen

May 22, 2001

Switching hats once again, more work was done on the sculpting for the Perseus Puppets. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Andromeda and Perseus heads were rough sculpted by Steve, while Jason kept on working on the bodies, hands, and feet. In the meantime, Marty got all of the Leavenworth digital photographs ready, and put them up on our website. (www.st-wolfgangs.org)

Saturday, May 19th, Steve had a meeting with Nancy and William, while Marty stayed in Wolfgang mode and went to Dan's house for an afternoon of float building. Ten of us made good progress, and we have another session next Saturday.

Nancy and William decided that the Perseus sculpt needed to be more classically Greek, so Steve made the changes as they watched and you can view the progress in the picture on the left.

Switching hats once more, Sunday marked the start of the Hans Christian Andersen project. We're to build a life-size and life-like head of Hans. We started investigating on the Web. We're fortunate that since he died in the late nineteenth century, there are many actual photographs of him. We downloaded several of these and enlarged them on the computer up to life-size proportions. Marty had already roughed out a large lump of clay to serve as the base for the head. Steve began the sculpt and you can see progress to date in the picture to the left.

This week also, Marty tested a sample of a new batch of Chicago 501 Neoprene that had just arrived. He has a favorite old mold of an elf boot that he uses to make sure that the chemicals work properly and are ready for casting real pieces.

Marty tests a new batch of neoprene

Elf Boot cast from Chicago 501 Neoprene with mold

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