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Same Show?

Excuse me, but are we both in the same show?
Actually they're not. The one on the left is one of the Graeae Sisters from Perseus while the one on the right is the little girl to accompany Hans Christian Andersen.

Clay, Clay, Everywhere!!!

Clay, Clay, Everywhere!!!

Bill Working on one of the Graeae Sisters

Bill Holznagel working on one of the three Graeae Sisters

May 23, 2001

It was still too hot today in Portland, in fact yesterday we set a temperature record for the date at 95 degrees. Fortunately the shop is air conditioned, so sculpting continued on several fronts without fear of the clay sagging and melting.

Steve continued work on the sculpt of the Little Girl for Larry Adrian's Oregon Coast Children's Theatre Hans Christian Andersen show.

Jason Ropp comes to us from Tears of Joy Theatre as a summer intern. His primary job right now is cleanup on the torsos that are already carved. This involves going over the whole piece, smoothing out all the irregularities and getting it ready to cast in plaster.

Yes that's a car brake drum - a Volvo one to be precise - serving as a base to hold the sculpture.

Marty bolted two floor flange, one on top and one underneath to hold the pipe that rises up into the body. The flange underneath allows bolting the top flange to the brake drum without drilling four holes through 1/4 inch thick steel. The virtue of the brake drums is that they are heavy and either cheap or free, since mechanics generally throw them away when they are out of tolerance for regrinding.

The other use for the flange on the underside is to bolt the brake drum to the worktable during plaster casting, as you will see soon enough.

Bill is our "Grotesque Master". Here he's working on one of the three Graeae Sisters. He's worked with us on projects ranging from Pinocchio to Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Steve working on the little girl

Steve working on the little girl


Jason Ropp working on a torso

Jason Ropp working on a torso.

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