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8. Marty using the pouring bucket

Marty using our pouring bucket to do the second half of the first foot mold. We've got lots of feet to make molds for, since each character in Perseus has their own pair -- and sometimes more than one pair.

9. Pouring plaster straight into the mold

Sometimes its easier to just pour the plaster straight into the mold.


10. First torso with the first mold half poured

Here's the first torso with the first mold half poured. You can see that the plaster is higher on the left hand end than on the right. We waited until the plaster had just started to set, and added more to the left end to raise the mold height to completely cover the buns and the underside of the tab that's added to attach the legs.




May 28, 2001 -- Page 2


Here are pictures of the pouring and demolding process.

11.Opening the first mold

Here we're about to open the first foot mold. You can see in the picture below that we left four places where a screwdriver could be inserted about an inch into the mold to help in opening it both now and later when we cast the neoprene in it. They are little wedges of plasticene put on the top of the first pour, before we pour the second pour.

12.First mold opened

Success!!! Now all we need to do is clean the mold with 3M Citrus Base Cleaner and then dry the mold in the oven to get it ready to pour.


Candace Dobson comes to visit

Candace Dobson came to visit tonight. She wanted to try her "hand" at sculpting. Not bad for her first attempt. Actually, quite good for her first attempt.

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