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Our Construction Diary - Index

Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop


Well, there are now so many pages in our workshop building section, that people have been asking for an index to each of the pages and what they contain. That's what this page is for and I hope it helps.

Many of the pages will take a while to download because they've got lots of pictures. I hope you'll feel its worth the wait as you explore our years of construction.

Below, you will find a description of each page and a button to take you there. Each month has different color buttons. Once you get to each page, you will be able to come back here (so you can view the pages in random order) or you can go forward or backwards from each page as you choose.

Page 1 awaits

Page 1 - March 29, 2001
This is the first page of our workshop tour. It serves as an introduction as well as showing you some of the puppets we have built in the past - like Ralphie from the Rockin' Ralphie Show & Spike & Ink from the Wee Sing Under the Sea video production. Also shown are the original drawings of the puppets we are to build for the Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece show for The Tears of Joy Theatre.

Page 2 awaits

Page 2 - April 11, 2001 Pictures of the drawings for the Quilly the Quail show from black and white to three different color choices. Also, pictures of our building the giant puppets for Portland, Oregon's Procession of the Species Parade.

Page 3 awaits

Page 3 - May 3, 2001
Original drawings for the Perseus show are discussed, foamcore board mockups are made of all the characters to make sure they fit in the set. Also first sculpt of one of the Graeae sisters. Bill Holznagel is introduced.

Page 4 awaits

Page 4 - May 6, 2001
Pictures of the Procession of the Species Parade, held in Portland, Oregon on April 28, 2001. Also a link to more pictures of the parade on the website of the Columbia Association of Puppeteers.

Page 5 awaits

Page 5 - May 17, 2001
Pictures of St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild performing at Leavenworth Washington's Maifest Celebration. (St. Wolfgang's is another hat we wear here at puppetmuseum.com). Links to Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce, The Seattle Knights, and pictures of the Maifest Celebration. Also a link to pictures of our Starlight Parade float from both this and last year.

Page 6 awaits

Page 6 - May 22, 2001 Pictures of our Perseus and Andromeda sculpts, and lots of feet ready to cast in plaster. The sculpt of Hans Christian Andersen's head is shown, along with a first shot of a neoprene test boot and a shot of Marty posing as Hans Christian Andersen.

Page 7 awaits

Page 7 - May 23, 2001
Lots of plasticene, and our brake drum sculpt holders. Jason Ropp, an assistant sculptor, is introduced, lots of plasticene heads and torsos.
Page 8 awaits
Page 8 - May 28, 2001
Plaster casting begins. This is the start of a three page walk through of the process we use here at the Olde World Puppet Theatre to cast pieces first in plaster and then in neoprene. Steps one through seven are shown on this page - mixing the plaster and preparing the pieces for their plaster cocoon.
Page 9 awaits
Page 9 - May 28, 2001
This is the second page of the walk through. Steps eight through 12 are shown here - pouring the plaster, and opening the molds. Also, Candace Dobson, another assistant sculptor is introduced.
Page 10 awaits
Page 10 - June 11, 2001
This is the third and final page of our walk through. Steps 13 through 20 are shown. Plaster baking in the oven and then on to the neoprene casting. Chicago 501 Industrial Latex (neoprene) is introduced, along with 3-M's Citrus Based Cleaner.
Page 11 awaits
Page 11 - June 17, 2001
Marty got behind on keeping these pages up-to-date, so three weeks of events are chronicled on a single page. Our float takes first place in the Starlight Parade. Dan DeMoy shows off the plaque for the float. Kristin Jarvis, another assistant sculptor, is introduced, as well as Marty's brother Steve. We're getting awfully tired of plaster.
Page 12 awaits
Page 12 - July 3, 2001
Another walk through, this one of the steps involved in creating the head of Hans Christian Andersen, from the original sculpt in plasticene through plaster & neoprene to the mounting of the eyes in the head and final acceptance by Larry Adrian of The Oregon Coast Children's Theatre.
Page 13 awaits
Page 13 - July 4, 2001
Another catch up page. Marty got hurt at work, and couldn't keep the pages up for a few days. Columbia Association of Puppeteers meets at our shop. Tears of Joy Theatre's Managing Director, Janet Bradley, is shown our progress by Nancy Aldrich, TOJ's Artistic Director. Final plaster mold is made - Yea!!! Bill Holznagel starts sculpting the parts for the Quilly the Quail show. This page is dedicated to Marty's dad, John B. Richmond, Sr., who passed away on this date in 1994.
Page 14 awaits
Page 14 - July 4, 2001
This is a page of random techniques that didn't get covered in the pages above. Shown are bending neoprene fingers with rubber bands, bendable torsos, lighting up Medusa's eyes, and more shots of the pastel painting technique. Bill Holznagel starts on the masks of Athena and Poseidon, and the progress on the assembled cast of Perseus to date is shown.
Page 15 awaits
Page 15 - July 14, 2001
The neoprene pieces for Perseus are now painted and ready for assembly. Closeups of each character are presented along with some of the painted hands and feet. Our new Tears of Joy intern, Morgan Lane-Tanner is introduced. She's going to help us with sewing the body pieces not cast in neoprene (arm and leg pieces) as well as the costumes.
Page 16 awaits
Page 16 - July 15, 2001
Two of the characters in Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece, are not puppets at all but are masks instead. We decided to make them out of neoprene, rather than papier mache. Here we see the process from plasticene sculpt to finished neoprene masks.
Page 17 awaits
Page 17 - July 25, 2001
This page is a collection of unfinished business, as we transition from the making of the hard body parts to starting to put the puppets and masks all together in their final form. Medusa gets her snakes, Athena & Posiedon masks are painted, the Sea Monser is readied for cloth mache. Hans Christian Andersen is finished.
Page 18 awaits
Warning! This page contains pictures of undressed puppets -- if you would be offended -- don't go there!
Page 18 -- August 7, 2001 The Graeae Sisters are an odd form of puppet -- a body puppet. The puppeteer wears it with a headband and mask, and works each of the two other puppets with a handle on their backside. Here we focus on their construction as well as our visit to the Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire in Gig Harbor Washington.
Page 19 awaits
Warning! This page contains undressed puppets

Page 19 -- August 18, 2001 Well, we officially delivered the Graeae Sisters to Tears of Joy today, the first of the Perseus puppets to leave the shop. Nancy Aldrich brought the whole TOJ crew over to see our shop and the whole cast of Perseus. Most of the puppets are complete or nearly so, except the Sea Monster which will take another few days. A lot has happened since the last page, and on this and the next three pages we will see many of the final assembly steps in their making.
Page 20 awaits
Warning! This page contains undressed puppets

Page 20 -- August 18, 2001 It's strange to finish a project like this one. It's involved the whole summer, and a lot of talented people. We still have the Quilly the Quail show to get finished, and we will start back on that one next week. But first, more of the finishing of Perseus. Let's start by building a body for Atlas. Then we'll start on the costuming.
Page 21 awaits
Warning! This page contains undressed puppets
Page 21 -- August 18, 2001 In looking back over the recent pages, it occured to us that we haven't shown you a finished puppet ready to costume. Lets take care of that now. Perseus is going to be the last puppet to get his costume, so he's the one we'll take a close look at. We also take a look at Medusa's electric eyes and battery pack.
Page 22 awaits
Warning! This page contains undressed puppets
Page 22 -- August 18, 2001 Well, let's do some costuming. We'll look at Andromeda as her costume is built. We'll also see Danae, Medusa and Andromeda with their costumes finished. The Tears of Joy gang visiting our shop. Closeups of Danae's hand control rods.
Page 23 awaits
Page 23 -- August 22, 2001
Wow, our shop is almost empty! As of today, we've delivered Perseus, Danae, Andromeda, the Graeae Sisters, Atlas, Polydictus, Medusa, and the masks of Posiedon and Athena to Tears of Joy Theatre. All that's left is the Sea Monster - and the entire cast of Perseus - Hero of Ancient Greece will be finished. A future page will show finished pictures of the whole cast, but we've got a few things to finish up first -- Perseus being costumed, Medusa's beam, and Polydictus' Throne.
Page 24 awaits
Page 24 -- August 22, 2001
We went to Tears of Joy's rehearsal space to work with their puppeteers today, and I've got a few pictures of that. We also get a peek at the set, which is under construction there.There will be a lot added to the set before it's finished, but it's ready for the puppeteers to rehearse on.
Page 25 awaits
Page 25 -- August 23, 2001
We went back to Tears of Joy's rehearsal space this morning to be taped for a segment of an upcoming Oregon Art Beat on KOPB, the Oregon PBS affiliate. It won't air until April, 2002, but they wanted to see the work in progress, so we taped it today. K.C. Cowan, the host of the show, was most gracious and asked good questions about how a show such as Perseus comes together.
Page 26 awaits

Page 26 -- August 24, 2001
This page is a little different than those which have come before. Here we present the formal portraits of each of the characters from
Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece. Each image is a clickable thumbnail which will take you to another page where their image will be viewable in a much larger version. We hope you enjoy our Perseus Portrait Book.

Page 27 awaits
Page 27 -- September 2, 2001
This is the first of three pages covering the construction of the Sea Monster puppet for Perseus. Sculpting and cloth mache are shown.

Page 28 awaits

Page 28 -- September 2, 2001
The second of three pages on the Sea Monster. Reassembling the head pieces, inserting the PVC pipe frame and fabricating the neck from sewable foam.

Page 29 awaits Page 29 -- September 2, 2001 The third of three pages on the Sea Monster. The wings, body, and neck are manufactured. The puppet as delivered.

Page 30 awaits

Page 30 -- September 7, 2001
The first of three pages. By the time we had the Sea Monster completed and delivered, we had only THREE days to complete Quilly, a seemingly impossible task. Let's see how it went.

Page 31 awaits
Page 31 -- September 7, 2001
The second of three pages. Quilly gets further along as the days and nights blend together.

Page 32 awaits

Page 32 -- September 7, 2001 The third of three pages. See how Quilly's construction turned out.
Page 33 awaits
Page 33 -- September 16, 2001
After a few days rest, and Black Tuesday, we visit the Tears of Joy studio for an open rehearsal of Perseus. Also, meet our dog, Aaron.
Page 34 awaits Page 34 -- September 30, 2001 We slowly get back to work on the characters from the Quilly show, and what a cast they are.
Page 35 awaits
Page 35 -- October 4, 2001
Its time to go fabric shopping at All American Fabric and Trim.
Page 36 awaits
Page 36 -- October 12, 2001 The Quilly show has our full and undivided attention now. The mouse (Holly) is center stage right now. She'll be the first one of this batch to be finished. But first, lets catch up on all the characters and see where they are right now.
Page 37 awaits
Page 37 -- October 12, 2001 Now, let's focus in on Holly. We've been going on her for the past week, and lots of progress has been made. She's just a couple of days from being finished. Stay tuned...
Page 38 awaits Page 38 -- October 22, 2001 When we started these pages, we said we'd show you the good things and the bad ones. Well, there were some bad ones when it came to finishing Holly, as you'll see here.
Page 39 awaits
Page 39 -- October 30, 2001 OK, so just how do you cast a snail shell that weighs 49 pounds and is 15 inches long, 11 inches high and nine inches thick?
Page 40 awaits Page 40 - November 8, 2001 Well, all is ready to take the plaster mold of Professor Salt 'n' Puff's shell and cast it in neoprene. Let's see how it went.
Page 41 awaits
Page 41 - November 8, 2001
OK, we've got Professor Salt 'n' Puff's shell cast, cleaned, and ready to paint, and now its all up to Bill to put the final finish on it. Take it away, Bill...
Page 42 awaits
Page 42 - November 8, 2001
We've also got Terra, the Ant, moving along in production. Lets look at her progress. Many of the steps in her creation include the use of cloth. Therefore, most of these steps are done by Steve and Candace, as we will see here.
Page 43 awaits
Page 43 - November 14, 2001
More work to show on Terra, the Ant. All of the sub-assemblies are getting finished and she's almost there.
Page 44 awaits
Page 44 - November 18, 2001 Still more work to show on Terra, the Ant. Putting all of the pieces together is the last step before stringing her - lets take a look.
Page 45 awaits
Page 45 - November 20, 2001
Terra is finished!!! Let's take a look and see how she came out.
Page 46 awaits
Page 46 - November 27, 2001
Professor Salt 'n' Puff (the snail) is now on center stage. We're in the sub-assembly finishing stage with lots of pieces being worked on. Also the remodel of Quilly is under way.
Page 47 awaits
Page 47 - December 1, 2001
As we approach the end of our 2001 construction odyssey, and enter the year-end holiday frenzy, we'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who was involved with the projects we worked on this year.
Page 48 awaits Page 48 - December 3, 2001 Terra left today via UPS. She's currently heading down Interstate 5 in a big brown box in a big brown truck headed for Ojai, California. Work continues on Professor Salt 'n' Puff.
Page 49 awaits
Page 49 - December 4, 2001 Professor Salt 'n' Puff left today via Fedex. He's off to the airport for the fastest ride in his young life, headed for Ojai, California. Let's look at the finishing steps in his construction.
Page 50 awaits
Page 50 - December 6, 2001 Quilly left today via Fedex. We had to send him overnight because there's a meeting on Saturday at which Quilly, Honey, Terra and the Professor will all be introduced. Let's look at the steps in Quilly's reconstruction.
Page 51awaits

Page 51 - December 22, 2001
On this special page, we look back on the puppets we built this year. You can click on each of the pictures and go to a page you can print out for your scrapbook.

Page 52 awaits
Page 52 - February 3, 2002
As new years rolled around, we still had one puppet left to make for the Ojai Valley Land Conservancy, which, for a number of reasons, had to be delivered by January 13th.
On this and the next page, we see the creation of Castor, the Lizard, also known as the Cook. Let's see how it went.
Page 53 awaits Page 53 - February 3, 2002 We finish Castor, and deliver him to Ojai, California. Page 54 awaits
Page 54 - February 14, 2002
The folks in Ojai really liked our work on the Quilly puppets, and asked us to build a marionette of the late Cesar Chavez. It will be used in a show celebrating the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning on April 1, 2002.
Page 55 awaits
Page 55 - February 24, 2002
Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece finally opened in Portland on Friday, February 22, 2002. It was grand to finally see the finished production in the big theatre. We were asked to do an exhibit of puppets we have built in the lobby of the theatre, and that's what most of this page is about. This page is dedicated to Marty's Mom, Virginia Dow Richmond,who passed away February 17, 2002.
Page 56 awaits Page 56 - February 24, 2002 Here's more on the Exhibit accompanying the opening of Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece, as well as an update on our progress on the Cesar Chavez puppet.
Page 57 awaits
Warning! This page contains undressed puppets
Page 57 - March 5, 2002 The puppet of Cesar Chavez was born last night. He'll be on his way to California tomorrow, well in time for the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, on April 1, 2002 in California.
Page 58 awaits Page 58 - April 21, 2002 Well, here we are again with another page of our exploits. Sorry about the six week absense, but we've been busy preparing for Portland's fourth annual Procession of the Species Parade. This page starts the coverage.
Page 59 awaits

Page 59 - April 21, 2002 This page shows pictures of some of the restored Giant Puppets.

Page 60 awaits

Page 60 - May 27, 2002 We had two events on the same day -- The Procession of Species in Downtown Portland, and the Earth Day Expo at the Oregon Zoo. Here, and on the next few pages, we're going to take a look at the making of the Giant Living Puppet Mural that we built for Earth Day Expo.

Page 61 awaits

Page 61 - May 27, 2002 Well, let's get started building the Giant Living Puppet Mural. First we need an idea of what it will look like, and then we have to bring it to life.

Page 62 awaits


Page 62 - May 27, 2002 Well, let's finish building the Giant Living Puppet Mural. Its time for a big crew of volunteers to start painting the pieces. Most of them had never painted anything before, and were surprised to learn that they really are artists.

Page 63 awaits

Page 63 - June 15, 2002 The Olde World Puppet Theatre performs The Baby Dragon Finds a Job for Portland's Pride 2002, a two day event and parade which celebrate the diversity of Portland's citizens.

Page 64 awaits

Warning! This page contains undressed puppets
age 64 - June 16, 2002 Lawrence Adrian of the Oregon Coast Children's Theatre contracted with us to build a Jester puppet. He wanted a hand and rod puppet with a latex rubber head, the puppet to be sitting on a ball (removable, of course) and a costume capable of being painted with black-light paint. Let's see how it went.

Page 65 awaits

Page 65 - July 27, 2002
When you make renaissance marionettes, you have to make renaissance costumes for them.
We also build renaissance costumes for people, which are similar to the ones we make for our puppets. Here, we see some examples.

Page 66 awaits
66 - August 25, 2002 Building a puppet show featuring the adventures of Robin Hood was our latest challenge. It had to be big, easy to set up, and sturdy in construction. On this and the next page, we are going to cover the construction of the show
Page 67 awaits
Page 67 - August 25, 2002
Here we finish covering the construction of the Adventures of Robin Hood show.
Page 68 awaits
Page 68 - September, 2002
We've got a bit of catching up to do, so lets take a look at the Props for Agnes Bernauer, Candace Dobson's puppet of Joseph Smith and The head of King Tut.
Page 69 awaits
Page 69 - October, 2002
Last Christmas, Steve gave his Mom a doll house kit. She waited patiently the whole year for us to get the time to build it for her. It is Mrs. Santa Claus's house as you can probably tell by the photos on this page and the next. On this page we cover building the house.
Page 70 awaits Page 70 - October, 2002 OK, we've got the dollhouse built, now let's decorate it. Steve and his Mom spent quite a while trying and discarding various possiblities for each room until they were satisfied. Well -- at least for now.
Page 71 awaits
Page 71 - November-December, 2002 We were thrown back into production at such a level that we barely noticed the passing of Christmas, let alone New Years. We had two dragon banners, a turtle head, AND, a Sunflower marionette to finish by the end of the year. First, the banners.
Page 72 awaits Page 72 - November-December, 2002 Our friends in Ojai needed another puppet -- well, actually they needed two of them. A turtle and a sunflower. We made the turtle head for them. The Sunflower had to look like a little girl, vaguely multi-ethnic, able to wilt, with blinking eyes and a moving mouth. Let's watch her grow.
Page 73 awaits
Page 73 - November-December, 2002
Let's finish up our sunflower building project.
Page 74 awaits
Page 74 - Year End, 2002
Well, 2002 was filled with as many and varied projects as was 2001. We'll take a look at each of them in the order that they occurred, and we've linked each picture here with the page covering -- or starting the coverage -- of their construction
Page 75 awaits Page 75 - Year End, 2003 Well, 2003 also had its share of new and different projects. This is the first page in a year, hopefully the start of more regular updates. Page 76 awaits Pages 76-78 February 21, 2004 We do our version of the Wizard of OZ as a fund-raiser at the Gresham Little Theater. Meco should be proud of our treatment of his vision of OZ.
Page 79 awaits Page 79 - Year End, 2004 Well, 2004 is now just a memory. Here's what happened month by month. Page 81 awaits

Page 81 May - August, 2005 We build a Jack Russell Terrier dog with a soft drink can for a head for a "major soft drink company".

Page 82 awaits

Page 82 October 20, 2005 We were contacted by Holiday Helpers in Jacksonville, Florida to construct a show which they could use in their outreach helping children affected by or infected with HIV or AIDS. And so we did. Here we show you how it went.

Page 85 awaits Pages 85 -95 - February-March, 2006 We build a walkaround River Otter for the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District - Here's how our fifty-two day odyssey went.
Building Magnolia Moonshine Page 96- August-September, 2006 We build a new show called Magnolia Moonshine out of some pieces we just happen to have around the shop. 2006 in review Page 97 - 100 - Year End, 2006 Well, 2006 is now just a memory. Here's what happened month by month.


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