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February 3, 2002 (page 2 of 2)

Here we see the final steps in Castor's creation.

Castor needed a great hat.

Castor needed a great hat -- and get one, he did!
Here we see it along with the collar of his vest. (Lots of sewing happened here)

Finishing touches on Castor's outfit

Steve applies some finishing touches on Castor's outfit.

Here we see the finished Castor

Here we see the front of the finished Castor.

Castor's back

And here we see his back.

I was saying, just the other day...

A close up of Castor.


Beautiful Ojai, California

As soon as Castor was done, we jumped in our 1972 motor home and went roaring (I use the word advisedly) off to Ojai, California to deliver him. Here's a view of the beautiful Ojai Valley.


The assembled cast.

The assembled cast, at home in Ojai. This was the first time we saw all of the puppets together.
Lots of love and dedication went into their creation, and we can't wait to see the show.

Here's castor's glamour shot

Here's Castor's glamour shot. If you would like to see a bigger version of this picture, click here.
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