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Virginia Dow Richmond

This page is dedicated
to Marty's Mom,
Virginia Dow Richmond
who passed away
February 17, 2002

She will always be gently and fondly remembered as the elegant lady from Boston, a fine wife, mother, and grandmother, and a sincere friend to so many.
She lived for more than 90 years, and we are all grateful for the rich time and love she gave to each of us.

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February 24, 2002 (1 of 2 pages)

Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece finally opened in Portland at the Delores Winningstad Theatre on Friday, February 22, 2002.

Tears of Joy has been presenting Perseus at schools all over the northwest since October or so, and also performed it in Vancouver, WA last week. So, they've seen it a lot, but we haven't. It was odd but exciting to see the puppets once again after such a long wait.

Steve, Marty, and Bill were in attendance, along with Nancy Aldrich and Janet Bradley of Tears of Joy Theatre, as well as many members of the Columbia Association of Puppeteers.

It was grand to finally see the finished production in the big theatre.

We were asked to do an exhibit of puppets we have built in the lobby of the theatre, and that's what most of this page is about.

Bill Holznagel working on Frig

Bill Holznagel is attaching Frig to the Lobby balcony as Janet Bradley readies her mask exhibit.

Odin & Frig

Odin & Frig as finally mounted. They were originally built for the Portland Revels, and have also been used in several Renaissance Faires by St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild.


Faphner, the Dragon

Faphner, the Dragon, with the Three Billy Goats Ruff, and the Trolls. Faphner was built for the Portland Starlight Parade, while the Goats and Trolls were built for Portland Revels.

Nancy Aldrich & Janet Bradley admire the exhibit

Nancy Aldrich and Janet Bradley of Tears of Joy Theatre admire the exhibit. Nancy is Artistic Director, and Janet is Managing Director of Tears of Joy.

Lots of Puppets

Wow, lots of puppets. Lets see -- from the left - Ralph, the Racoon, Honey, the Bee, Sugar, the Ant & Brodie, the Squirrel from the Rockin Ralphie Show. Chadsworth, the Dragon, Princess Katherine and Prince Aaron from The Tales of Belvuria, The Green Fisherman from Pinocchio, Queen Elizabeth I of England, Carmen Miranda & Yma Sumac from South of the Border.

Katie, Aaron & Chadsworth

A closeup of Princess Katherine and her brother Prince Aaron riding on Chadsworth, the Dragon.

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