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February 24, 2002 (2 of 2 pages)

Here's more on the Exhibit accompanying the opening of Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece, as well as an update on our progress on the Cesar Chavez puppet.


Steve working on the exhibit

Steve adding the finishing touches to Faphner, the Dragon. You can also see the other elements of the exhibit waiting to be put in.

Small Display case

The small display case in the exhibit. It contains, from left - Hermit the Crab in two versions and the videotape box from Wee Sing Under the Sea, the shell of Professor Salt 'n' Puff from The Quilly the Quail Show, and a replica of Topo Gigio, built because we wanted to.


The Perseus Set the last time we saw it

Those of you who have been following these pages may remember this picture from back in August when we visited Tears of Joy to see the first walk through of the Perseus show. This is how the set looked then.


The finished Perseus set

The Perseus set as seen at the opening. The elements are the same, but a few finishing touches have been added - yeah, quite a few. It still all fits in one van, along with all the puppets, the lights, sound system, and - oh, yes, Jessie and Daniel, the two puppeteers.

The Overall Exhibit

Here's a view of most of the finished exhibit. Faphner and Odin & Frig can be seen in the distance.

Progress on the Cesar Chavez Marionette

Here's our progress to date on the Cesar Chavez marionette -- the torso and hands have been sanded and first-coat painted, the eyes are on their wire and ready to install and be painted, the mouth opening has been cut out and the hinge attached to the jaw insert. The rest will happen quickly now.

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