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March 5, 2002

The puppet of Cesar Chavez was born last night. He'll be on his way to California tomorrow, well in time for the Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning, on April 1, 2002 in California.


Inside Cesar's Head

The inside of Cesar's head. The mouth is rocked on a coat hanger wire running through a brass tube glued to the top of the mouth. The eye springs are hooked to the mouth rod.

The knee back-stop

This is a closeup of the knee. The pinked piece is a joint stop to keep the knee from over-extending forward in an unnatural fashion. Thus you get full back movement, but NO forward movement.

Bill Holznagel with Cesar

Bill Holznagel with Cesar. Bill did the carve on Cesar's head, and a wonderful job he did, too.

Naked Puppet!

Here is the completed body, ready for clothing. The yardstick gives an idea of how tall he is -- 34".

The neck & shoulder seams

No, unfortunately you can't just buy off-the-rack clothing and have it fit every time. The neck and shoulder seams have been modified, and the sleeves are being lowered to cover the wrist joint.

Fitting the Sleeve

Here, the sleeve is dropped to cover the wrist joint. The gap in the sleeve will be hidden by the flannel shirt.

Cesar Finished

The completed puppet of Cesar Chavez.

Closeup of Cesar

A closeup of Cesar. To see a larger portrait, click here.
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