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June 15, 2002

Well, here it is June already. We've been working on two projects since the last page, one is a Jester puppet which will be described on the next page, the other is a live performance on June 14th by the Olde World Puppet Theatre for Portland's Pride 2002, a two day event and parade which celebrate the diversity of Portland's citizens.

We performed The Baby Dragon Finds a Job, one of our most requested productions.

Its the story of a King's gold, a Gypsy family who like to "count" it, a dragon family summoned to guard what's left, and how the Baby Dragon emerges victorious.

Due to its elaborate nature, BDFJ is performed only rarely, and rarer still outdoors.

In its full length version, it runs 58 minutes, but we had to cut it down to 45 minutes to fit the time slot we were assigned.

Everybody loved the show (us included!!!). Our thanks to Pete Johnson who took the photos for us.

The pictures below show how it went.

The Setup in Waterfront Park

The setup for The Baby Dragon Finds a Job. Waterfront Park, one of the gems of Portland, runs along the west bank of the Willamette River as it passes through the center of the city.

A look backstage

A look backstage. Closest to us we can see the Gypsy wagon. Humphrey, the King is hanging behind the distant curtain.

Setting up the Gypsy scene

Setting up the Gypsy scene.

Jannod & Jacho, the Gypsies

Jason Ropp with Jannod & Dan DeMoy with Jacho, the Gypsies. Howard Crowsell is in the blue bag over Jacho's shoulder.

Marty Richmond is working Carmen, the third Gypsy

Marty Richmond with Carmen, the third Gypsy.
Steve Overton and Candace Dobson are in the wings, waiting to come on.

A nice crowd turned out to watch the show.

A nice crowd turned out to watch the show.

Chadsworth, Charlemagne, and Howard Crowsell

Dan is working Chadsworth, Jason is working Charlemagne, the Momma and Poppa Dragons, and Marty is working Howard Crowsell, the King's messenger.

Candace with Princess Katherine & Steve with Chelsey

Candace with Princess Katherine, and Steve with Chelsey, the Baby Dragon.

Jacho & Jannod with Chelsey in the Treasure Room.

Jacho & Jannod with the sleeping Chelsey in the Treasure Room.

The Finale

King Humphrey arrives after Chelsey catches the Gypsies in the act of "borrowing" the King's gold.

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