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October, 2002 (1 of 2)

Last Christmas, Steve gave his Mom a doll house kit. She waited patiently the whole year for us to get the time to build it for her. Well, her time finally came.

It is Mrs. Santa Claus's house as you can probably tell by the photos on this page and the next. On this page we cover building the house, and on the next, the decorating of it.


Lots of parts

The kit itself is the Duracraft Heritage Dollhouse, one of the more elaborate kits available on the market. Lots and lots of pieces to be punched out, sanded, primed, and painted. Here we see the start of the process. I must agree with others that have built this kit -- it REALLY helps to have a dedicated place to build the kit, fewer parts get lost that way. However it is tough to do without the dining room for three weeks.

The ground floor started

The first floor walls start going up. The windows are designed to open and close, and all of ours do.The flooring has been glued down and received several coats of varnish.

First floor walls done

The first floor walls are up and drying.

The main staircase subasselmbly

A closeup of the main staircase assembly.

The second floor goes on

The second floor has been glued to the first floor. The paint cans and books are for weight to keep it level while the glue dries.

The attic floor

Onward and upward with the attic floor.

Oh what a lot of shingles!

I don't know exactly how many shingles there are on the dollhouse, but there sure are a lot.

Finally assembled

The finished dollhouse set up with a few props to give us an idea of what it will eventually look like.

The next page shows the dollhouse in place with all of its accessories.

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