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October, 2002 (2 of 2)

OK, we've got the dollhouse built, now let's decorate it. It's fortunate that Bobbi Overton, Steve's Mom, has spent years collecting miniatures for just this purpose. She's wanted to have Mrs. Santa Claus dollhouse for a very long time, and now it's about to come to reality.

She and Steve spent quite a while trying and discarding various possiblities for each room until they were satisfied. Well -- at least for now. I'm sure that it will keep changing as time goes on, much as it has already.

The front view

The front exterior. There are just a few pieces added to the dollhouse from Mom's extensive collection of Studio 56 pieces.

Santa and his hot tub

The backyard with Santa and his hottub.


The back

A wider view of the backyard.

The second floor front porch

The second floor porch.


The Back

The full view of the back of the dollhouse.

The first floor

The kitchen and the staircase.


Attic room one

The elves in the left hand attic room.

Attic room two

The elves in the right hand attic room.

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