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November-December, 2002 (1 of 3)

Steve & Marty were lucky enough to spend 26 days in Europe from late October until mid-November. It was strange to miss Halloween, since it seemed to throw off the whole rest of the holiday season once we got back.

Once we did get back, we were thrown back into production at such a level that we barely noticed the passing of Christmas, let alone New Years. We had two dragon banners, a turtle head, AND, a Sunflower marionette to finish by the end of the year.

Let's see how it went.

First off the banners. Our movie costumer friend, Leslie Gilbertson, commissioned us to paint two banners of Dragons, one with a young girl riding and the other with a young boy. Each of them was to be four feet by seven feet big.

She prepared the fabric with a secret treatment (well, not so secret any more, she unrolled it in the driveway and squirted it with bleach from a ketchup bottle), then washed it, dried it and dropped it by the studio. We took it from there.



Boy Dragon - rough drawing

First we needed a pair of drawings. Here's the beginning drawing of the boy riding the dragon.

Boy Dragon - final drawing

Here's the final drawing of the boy on the dragon. It was scanned, printed on a clear transparancy and then traced on the fabric.

The drawing transferred to the cloth

Here's thegirl-dragon banner ready for painting.

The paint-by-number continues

The paint-by-number begins. The fabric has been stapled to a sheet of 1/2 inch foamcore board to keep it taut. Between the fabric and the foamcore is a layer of clear plastic to keep the fabric from sticking to the foamcore.

The finished girl dragon banner

The finished girl-dragon banner.

The finished boy dragon banner

The finished boy-dragon banner.


Girl - closeup

A closeup of the young girl

Boy - closeup

A closeup of the young boy

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