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November-December, 2002 (3 of 3)

Let's continue with our sunflower building project.

Braiding the stalk

To make her stalk, we used long cloth tubes so it could bend nicely. Here, Steve is getting ready to braid the cloth tubes together.

The eye & mouth mechanism

The eye and mouth mechanism. Yes, I know you've seen them here before, but I like to have a record of them, and since each one is handcrafted to fit, each one is different.


Painting the petals

The petals get their paint job. They started out as the screamingly yellowest fabric ever made. Had it been used for making clothes, the fashion police would have been on the case immediately!

ee what a little paint can do.

See what a little paint can do!!! Before and after of the head and the rows of petals.

The petals connected together

The petals were connected together into two rings, one glued to the front of the head, the other to the rear. Then they were glued together to make final head.

Glueing the head together

Here, the two halves are being joined. The stalk has already been glued into place inside the neck hole in the back of the head


Awilting we shall go.

Awilting we will go. And so she does (in this rather overprocessed photo). The 12 smaller leaves are connected together in sets of three and their strings are joined together on the top of the beam where they can be set in any one of three positions of "wilt" The two larger leaves are her "arms".

For her glamour shot, click here.

Some real sunflowers for comparison

Just for fun, you can compare her to some real sunflowers.

Well, now we're caught up. The next page will be a compilation of all the projects we did in 2002. A happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year to you all.

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