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Special 2002
Year End Wrapup


Ping Pong's Puppet Workshop


Bye Bye, 2002

Well, 2002 was filled with as many and varied projects as was 2001. We'll take a look at each of them in the order that they occurred, and we've linked each picture here with the page covering -- or starting the coverage -- of their construction


Castor, The Lizard

Castor, The Lizard

Castor, the Lizard, was the last of the original cast of puppets we built for the Ojai, California folks. Steve & I delivered him in person, stopping in Ojai to visit with (now) Pete & Chris Johnson, as well as to teach their young puppeteers some pointers on manipulation. We also visited Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios & Magic Mountain, riding on all the roller coasters, all with Steve with heavily taped up broken ribs!

Nancy Aldrich, Artistic Director and Janet Bradley, Managing Director of Tears of Joy Theatre, at the opening of Perseus, Hero of Ancient Greece, on February 22, 2002. The puppets we spent the last half of 2001 working on finally had their Portland debut. We also installed an extensive display of our non-Perseus puppets in the lobby of the Winningstad Theatre. The display was in place during the entire Portland run of the production.


Perseus Premieres

Perseus Premieres


Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez

The folks in Ojai really liked our work on the Quilly puppets, and immediately asked us to build another one.

This one is a marionette likeness of the late Cesar Chavez, the former head of the United Farm Workers Union.

They needed it in a big hurry since the State of California's Cesar Chavez Day of Service and Learning was less than six week away, on April 1, 2002.


Steve's broken ankle

Steve's broken ankle after treatment


Wow!, two pictures for the same month. We built the mural seen on the right, and restored the giant puppets for this year's parade.

In the hurry hurry of preparing for the day's events in two locations, Steve managed to break his ankle, and then proceeded to walk around on it for two days before finally realizing all was not well with it and getting it set.


The Species Mural
Day of Species Parade


A moooving experience

Here's another puppet reconstruction that we didn't even mention in this year's diary. Donna Krewson, Portland's beloved Mother Goose, asked us to restore this Holstein cow head. It is part of a walkaround character costume, and it had seen better days. We restored it to health and sent it on its way. A truly mooooving experience.

Lawrence Adrian of the Oregon Coast Children's Theatre contracted with us to build a Jester puppet. He wanted a hand and rod puppet with a latex rubber head, the puppet to be sitting on a ball (removable, of course) and a costume capable of being painted with black-light paint.

He's worked by the puppeteer's hand inside his head, with the wrist holding up the weight of the body.



The Jester

The Jester


Pete & Chris in their outfits

Costumes for real people



Wow, another double-header. On the left we see Pete & Chris, the happy newlyweds, and on the right, the Robin Hood puppet show that we built for Sherwood Oregon's Robin Hood Days festival.

They both occurred on the same weekend, and since we were committed to attending the festival, we missed the wedding.

Adventures of Robin Hood

Adventures of Robin Hood



No, that's not a puppet, its our dog Aaron, sleeping. Which is what our shop did during the month of August. We suspended construction while we attended renaissance faires in the Pacific Northwest including the one in Gig Harbor, Washington.






The Pretzel Crossed Lovers

Props for The Pretzel Crossed Lovers & Joseph Smith puppet

Our attendance at renaissance faires continued at the last Gates of Time Faire in Depot Bay, Oregon.

St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild decided to perform the Pretzel Crossed Lovers story at the faire using real people instead of puppets. We were called into action to make some big props for the performances.

Also in September, Candace Dobson had been inspired to build a puppet of Joseph Smith, the Mormon Leader. She enlisted our aid to help her with some of the steps in building him. You can see some of the steps in his construction by clicking on the same page to the left.

Last Christmas, Steve gave his Mom a doll house kit. She waited patiently the whole year for us to get the time to build it for her. Well, her time finally came.

We had to hurry to finish it, because the holidays were rapidly approaching.


Mrs. Santa Claus's house

Mrs. Santa Claus's house


We saw Paris

We also had to hurry finishing the dollhouse because we left in late October for 26 days in Europe. We visited England, Scotland, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and France.

We had a wonderful time, did most of our travelling by train, only flying from England to Norway. One of the trains we rode on was placed on a boat and it floated between Sweden & Germany.

The Chunnel between France and England is an impressive accomplishment, even though it doesn't have any windows. Too bad they had NO money left to buy decent rolling stock to run through it.

Wow, THREE pictures in one month


The Dragon Banners

The Dragon Banners


The Turtle Head

The Turtle Head

The Sunflower

The Sunflower

Our movie costumer friend, Leslie Gilbertson, commissioned us to paint two banners of Dragons, one with a young girl riding and the other with a young boy. Each of them was to be four feet by seven feet big.



Our friends in Ojai needed another puppet -- well, actually they needed two of them. A turtle and a sunflower. They decided to build the turtle themselves, if only we'd make the head out of neoprene for them.

With us, they also contracted the building of the Sunflower marionette. She had to look like a little girl, vaguely multi-ethnic, she had to be able to wilt, and she needed blinking eyes and a moving mouth. She also had to ride on the back of the turtle in a flowerpot and also be able to walk on her own on her roots.


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