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Bye Bye, 2004



Wow, another year has come and gone. It started in Portland (Oregon) with a rare snowfall. A time of lots of silliness out on the roads, since Portlanders really don't know how to drive in the snow.

As you will see in the pictures below, this was our "Year of the Dress". The first one was a wedding dress for our dear friend Elisa Cosmer. She was planning a February wedding, and we got started on the dress. It turned out that the wedding had to be postponed, but we got the dress mostly finished.




February found us over the rainbow in the land of OZ. It has been chronicled starting here.



We spent our March and early April helping our friend, Dennis Strachota from Bend Oregon redevelop his Tendrak Theatre stage and puppets. They had been Czech marionette puppets with a short rod to hold them up. They were converted to longer traditional marionette stringing so that hands didn't show while performing.
The Stage was completely rebuilt, and new stories were developed and soundtracks recorded. You can visit Tendrak Theatre's website at http://www.tendraktheatre.com/index.html








The reconstruction led up to Tendrak Theatres World Premiere of The Devil & Kate at the National Day of Puppetry. This national Puppeteers of America event is held each April in cities around America. Our event was sponsored by the Columbia Association of Puppeteers(CAP), the P of A guild for Oregon & Southern Washington. This year the event featured an exhibit as well as performances and puppet building workshops. Everyone had a grand time. Our thanks to Andrea Mitchell for taking the photos of the Day of Puppetry events.



May found us working on Steve's niece Danielle's high school prom dress, our front yard and our Dining Room.


Dani's prom dress started out as Steve's sister Valerie's wedding dress, which was dyed and altered to become a prom enchantress's dress.

Since it was spring, it was time to redo the rock garden along the front of our house. The big pine tree in the front yard had her lower branches removed, as they were taking over the yard. We moved a bunch of giant sized rocks and planted a lot of new flowers and trees. Now it's a summertime delight.
We also found time to redo our dining room, the only room in our house which had never been redecorated.





Although the Robin Hood Festival isn't until July, June found us working on new costumes for the event.

With the help of Dan DeMoy, we made new costumes for Robin Hood as well as the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Also in June, the world lost a wonderful lady when Donna Janvier, of Pacifica California, passed away.

She was one of our oldest and dearest friends, having co-written many of our earliest Olde World Puppet Theatre stories that were developed in the 1980's.

Donna, we miss you.


Well, if its July, it must also be the Sherwood, Oregon Robin Hood Festival. We were back again for another round of this fun-filled mid-summer event.




We also found ourselves at the Corpse making workshop for Scream At The Beach, a Halloween spook house here in Portland.
Shown here are Steve, Marty, & Candace Dobson, who with other CAP members dressed up their skeletons in fine style. Thanks to Jennifer Gomez for taking the Corpse-making shots.





We got started on our third dress of the year. This one was also a wedding dress. A Christmas wedding was held. This dress also was actually an "alteration". Dawn, the bride, had found a dress that she wanted to use as the basis for her dress. So, off we went.





September found us remodeling Steve's Mom & Dad's bedroom and bathroom.








October in Overton Land means Halloween. This year, Steve's Mom wanted a more conservative Halloween theme. This is what we came up with.




We mounted a large exhibit of Dragons for Tears of Joy Theatre's production of The Reluctant Dragon. It was on display in the lobby of Portland's Winningstad Theatre through November.




Also in November, Don Horn of Portland's Triangle Productions called and asked if we happened to have two rod puppets -- one a Colonel Sanders (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and -- the other -- a faded Southern Belle, to use in his upcoming production of Pageant.
Well, Steve said that he could whip something up, and so we did. We took two puppets from storage that had been used for a show that Steve's Mom used to do, and modified them to fit the parts.


Well, we decided that WE weren't going to be conservative when it came to our Christmas display, no, no, no.

We hope that this gives you a quick update on what our 2004 was like.

Happy New Year to you all,

Steve & Marty

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