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October 20, 2005

We were contacted by Joel Park and Bruce Ross of Holiday Helpers in Jacksonville, Florida to construct a show which they could use in their outreach helping children affected by or infected with HIV or AIDS. And so we did. Below you can see how it went.

p.s. if you would like to learn more about Holiday Helpers, or make a donation, please click on the following link: http://www.holidayhelpersjax.org/

The Before Picture

First, we needed some stars for the show. Here we see the stuffed animals which we re-engineered into rod puppets for the show. From left to right. Pitch, Griz O'gator (Griz) and Pandora (above).

Deconstruction then construction

Then we took them completely apart and modified them, and added their accessories like shoes, chains, belts, etc.


The assembled cast

Here we see the stars with most of the rest of the cast, including four marionette birds, six 10" rod puppet teddy bears, and 10 smaller rod puppet bears (not shown). The teddies were stuffed animals to which we added rods, while the marionette birds were store bought puppets, which we accessorized with lots of ostrich feathers, sunglasses, and other fun things.

Griz, Pitch & Pandora

We also bought musical instruments for the stars:
a keyboard for Pitch, a Guitar for Griz,
and a set of drums for Pandora.

Steve & Griz
This gives you an indication of how tall the stars of the show are. Steve Overton is holding Griz by the rod, which comes out of the back of his head. He also has two clear plastic rods, one on each arm.


The Stage

Here's a shot of the stage without the puppets.
It's 9 feet wide by 12 feet deep.
There's a front barrier to keep the audience where they belong, which also serves to hold spotlights; a front performing area, which is a drape covering the two containers the show travels in; the rear performing area with two playboards and an upper draped area above which puppets can perform; and a side table which can either serve to hold the boom box music source or provide an additional playing level when placed on the front performing area.


Candace Dobson working Pandora

Here's Candace Dobson working Pandora. You can see Pandora's stand by Candace's right leg. The head rod drops into the open end of the plastic pipe.

PitchGriz O'gator Pandora

For Pandora's glamour shot, click here

For Griz O'gator's glamor shot, click here

For Pitch's glamor shot, click here

The stars thumbnail

For a group glamor shot, click here

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