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The Puppetry Home Page
The Puppetry Home Page is a free resource for the puppetry community and is dedicated to helping people connect with the world of puppetry.
The Big Cheese of International Puppetry
Best source of puppet info in many countries around the world.
Tears of Joy Theatre
The biggest and oldest of the Portland-based puppet companies. They perform a yearly series of productions in the big theatre downtown and tour widely with school performances. They've been a true joy to work with over the years.
Dragon Theater Puppets
is operated by Jason & Shawna Ropp. Their company performs original puppet stories like The Clueless Detective for libraries and birthday parties up and down the west coast.
Also Costume Characters, Face Painting & Balloon Animals.
Tendrak Theatre
Tendrak, the Dragon, and Moudry, the Wise, are your storytelling hosts. They have created a series of audio CDs including Fun with Czech Fairytales and Five Christmas Stories.
Northwest Puppet Center
If you happen to be headed to Seattle, check out the Northwest Puppet Center. Chris and Stephen Carter
are especially known for their mastery and preservation
of the traditional Sicilian marionette theater known as Opera dei Pupi. Stephen is an amazing wood carver as well.
il Teatro Calimari
Once again headquartered in Portland, OR, Tim Giuni has an interesting take on life, which is reflected in his madcap approach to puppetry.
Tim performed multiple times at our Wonderful World of Puppets at OMSI as well as at the Portland Puppet Museum.
Czechoslovak-American Marionette Theatre
Fascinating puppets and repertory.
Center for Pupperty Arts
Think of it as Puppet Heaven. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CfPA also offers performances and classes.
Phil Huber Marionettes
Phil is a genius at the manipultion of marionettes. If you ever get a chance to see his work, sit back and enjoy. He builds some pretty neat ones as well. He built Ping Pong, the Panda, the only puppet in our company that we didn't build ourselves.
Bob Kramer Marionnettes
St Louis, MO based - one of the longest running anywhere.
Scottish Mask & Puppet Centre
They were real nice to Steve & Marty when they visited Scotland a few years back, so of course they're listed here. As they say on their website: "Please come to visit us if you are coming to Scotland. Be assured of a warm welcome and 'Freedom Come All Ye.'" True, True!!!
Maritime Marionettes
This company out of Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada has really nice puppets, nicely manipulated.
Takey's Puppet Website Index
This is the work of a "crazy" guy in France. He's catalogued over 3.184 puppet sites as well as a list of 4.300 tittles of books about puppetry from around the world. Surely you can find any puppet site or book that would interest you here. They're listed by country for easy retrieval.
Nutz & Boltz Theatre
Local Portland (Boring)-based theater group that uses human actors to portray the puppet roles.
Well, maybe they'll get it right some day.
When it comes to Puppetry, we've been around the block a few times. Listed below are some of the Puppet Companies that we've met on our travels that attracted our interest. Sometimes the reasons are listed, sometimes not. But, all are worth a visit.
Many of them use marionettes. Well, of course!!
Wait a minute, do you mean to tell us that there
are other kinds of puppets???
Lindau Marionette Opera
Steve & Marty love the opera Carmen. Here's a company that performed it with nine puppeteers and 45 marionettes. Until the Lindau Marionette Opera first staged "Carmen", the opera was thought impossible for a marionette theatre to perform. But the challenge was successfully overcome. "Carmen" is by far the most elaborate production at the Lindau Marionette Opera. This link takes you to a page listing four YouTube excerpts. Click on "Carmen".
Puppeteers of America
The oldest group of American puppeteers. Membership brings a quarterly magazine, puppet consultants and a video lending library. Also holds biennial puppetry festivals.
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Oregon Shadow Theatre
The Oregon Shadow Theatre is a Portland-based company specializing in the art of shadow puppetry. OST productions are noted for exquisite, colorful puppets, live music and sound effects, and lively good humor. Among other honors, OST has twice received the UNIMA Citation for Excellence in the Art of Puppetry.
DNDY Design
Dan DeMoy, one of the gifted puppeteer members of
The Olde World Puppet Theatre
helps pay the rent by specializing in the creation of designer fabric accents for your home or office in the greater Portland area. He also offers to build a puppet likeness of yourself or a loved one.
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