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The Portland Puppet Museum is located at:
906 SE Umatilla St, Portland, OR 97202

Open Thursday - Sunday -2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
with FREE Admission
(We're at the corner of 9th & Umatilla in the Sellwood district,
two blocks south of Tacoma Street - which goes over the Sellwood Bridge)
(503) 233-7723
Trimet Bus 70 comes closest to the museum (Three blocks away)
Portland Puppet Museum
Event Schedule
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For Reservations: Stop by the museum, call (503) 233-7723,
owpt {at} or purchase advance tickets on-line at: http://wwwpuppetmuseumstore.

(Note: once there, choose carefully because there may be multiple show, date, and time choices.
- NO service charge is applied to on-line purchases.)
On-line tickets are held for you at the door.
Come and see
our new Exhibit
"Legends of Puppetry"

We are open Thursday - Sunday
from 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
as well as other puppets
we love to share
Puppet Building Classes:

Let’s have some FUN!!!
Come and make your own puppet.
With our small class size, we help you make puppets that you will take home, display proudly, and actually use or give as a gift. Even big people have fun in our classes.
First, you choose your favorite abandoned, cleaned, and gently used stuffed animal from our stock, or recycle a (former) favorite from home. Just like a rescue shelter for dogs or cats, we've got lots of lonely (but lovely) animals in many sizes and colors eagerly awaiting adoption, but only one is just right for you or your child.
Then we help you or your child modify and remake the animal into a magical fantasy creation limited only by your imagination. We've got boxes full of outfits, sparkly stuff, accessories and fun things to make the magical transformation into the perfect companion.
Adult Class will be held:
Friday -
May 12th @ 6:30-9:30 pm

Family Classes will be held:
Saturday -
May 13th @ 1-4 pm
Sunday -
May 14th @ 1-4 pm

All this for ONLY $25.00 per student

Limit of SEVEN students per class
so reserve NOW!
Tendrak Miniature Czech Theatre
A stage similar to the horse-drawn traveling ones that crisscrossed eastern Europe in days gone by, is used as a performing space for two Czech Fairy Tales by Tendrak Theatre

The Godmother & The Magician
Shows how the incantations and machinations of Godmother Marcella and Mage Chytry work to insure that "true love" triumphs.
Sat May 27 @ 10 am (TT*) and 2 pm
Sun May 28 @ 4 pm

The Swan Prince
Relates how friends, through spells, protect Prince Radislav from a jealous power-hungry Queen Bozena, who plots to take over
the kingdom and how her ambitions backfire.
Sat June 10 @ 10 am (TT*) & 2 pm
Sun June 11 @ 4 pm

Shows are approximately 35 minutes long.
Family fun for all ages Admission - $10.00 ($8.00 Advance) (Babes-in-arms free)

(TT* = Tiny Tots - We encourage parents to bring their children to see some of our shows from as young an age as they wish-including Babes-in-arms. This way they can learn how to behave in a theater environment. So, you might have a fussy baby or two in the audience, but then, that’s how they learn and why we schedule these performances in the morning.)
FREE!!! It’s Party Time FREE!!!
Come and help us celebrate our 5th Anniversary!
Saturday May 20th from 4:00 - 8:00 pm. Refreshments, Fun & (most likely) Silliness!!!