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One of the most remarkable things about creating this land was the dedicated artists, engineers, actors, musicians, writers and puppeteers, all coming together to create something unique to share.
Driven by the human spirit to craft something of fantasy and art, each one reached into their soul
to bring forth something to touch the heart.
It's extremely difficult to put into simple words how incredible a lifelong dream feels as it literally comes true before your very eyes. The Land of Belvuria was originally created in my mind in the early 80's, designed with the help of many to use with our traveling stage. Innovative sets were created from foamcore board and tracks as the backgrounds began
to be painted. Simple but beautiful furniture and props were crafted to fold down flat
to travel with the show in cars and vans.

Then three years ago this enchanted land began to take another form, rising from styrofoam, wood and gallons of wall mud, it took on a primordial feeling. Excitement grew amongst our crew as walls and forests began to emerge. Even simple bats and butterflies began to take wing, bringing the Land of Belvuria closer to a reality than ever before, except in the imagination of our live audiences.
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