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Witch Key, the DVD ,
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The Olde World Puppet Theatre has developed a new Portland, Oregon-based puppet video studio to create direct-to-DVD and books from shows in our award-winning Tales of Belvuria series.
While ours may be the smallest studio known to man, it suits us just fine-
after all, our actors are only three feet tall!
We have now released Witch Key, utilizing one of our shorter marionette fantasies to launch our new children’s adventure DVD series. It is now available on DVD, and will soon be available as a download as well. To view portions of Witch Key, click on the link below.
The DVDs are specifically aimed at children from five to eight years old.
but each will include features to make them fun for the entire family to enjoy together, including a how-it-was-made segment, along with interactive games relating to the story line. These will enrich the fun and learning experience of the story and increase a viewer’s interaction with the story.
Another of our stories, The Enchanted Ring, has been released as a fully-illustrated book, now available in both print and downloadable versions. For more details, go here.
Each episode, while complete in itself, will show more of the characters and locations in the land of Belvuria, and how they interact.
Our studio website will attract fans of the series by featuring behind-the-scenes views of upcoming productions
as well as offering DVDs and downloads for sale.
Currently there is a trend back to fantasy in both film and TV. However, we have found that there is a strong need for new material in the five to eight-year-old age bracket,
with overall family appeal.
Both of these are answered in our Tales of Belvuria series.
Two of the awards this series has achieved in its 25 years of live performances are Best New Children’s Play from the California Board of Education,
and a special award from the National Library Association
for encouraging children to read.
Two of our shows are also approved by the Egyptian Department of Antiquities for presentation to Egyptian school children.
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