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The Museum is located at 906 SE Umatilla St, Portland, OR 97202
(at the corner of 9th & Umatilla in the Sellwood district,
two blocks south of Tacoma Street)
(503) 233-7723
Trimet Bus 70 comes closest to the museum (Three blocks away)
All shows and classes are at
Portland Puppet Museum
906 SE Umatilla St, Portland, OR 97202
Museum is open Thursday - Sunday - 2:00 - 8:00 pm
with FREE Admission
Portland Puppet Museum

Summer 2016 Live Show
& Event Schedule
Don't miss out on the fun and excitement of seeing live shows in our intimate, affordable, and comfortable space.
We even have a hands-on puppet play area to keep folks
entertained until show time.
For Reservations, Stop by the museum, call (503) 233-7723,
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Enchanted Summer Fun at
The Portland Puppet Museum

The Portland Puppet Museum is proud to present an entire summer of fun with a series of engaging and special puppet shows based on International books and storytelling CD's of some of the most famous fairy tales from the Czech Republic, Italy and of course the United States.

The museum will be filled with an exhibit of puppets from Germany, Italy, Russia, France and the Czech Republic, each a hand made work of art from years gone by. So journey with us as we explore the magic world of International Fairy tales in breathtaking exhibits and interactive fun, with a summer of magical shows for the entire family and the child in us all.

Czech Fairy tales from Tendrak Theatre
“Godmother and the Magician”
Sat June 25th @2:00 pm; Sun June 26th @ 4:00 pm
Czech Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

“Magic of Kindness and Kolaches”
Sat July 9th @2:00 pm; Sun July 10th @ 4:00 pm
Czech Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

Old World Puppet Theatre”s “The Enchanted Ring”
Sat July 23rd @2:00 pm; Sun July 24th @ 4:00 pm
Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

More Czech Fairy tales from Tendrak Theatre
“The Swan Prince”
Sat July 30th @2:00 pm; Sun July 31st @ 4:00 pm
Czech Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

World Premiere of Tendrak Theatre’s
“The Devil & Kate”
Sat Aug 6th @ 2:00 pm; Sun Aug 7th @ 4:00 pm
Czech Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

Old World Puppet Theatre's:
“No, No, No, Pinocchio”
Sat Aug 20th @2:00 pm; Sun Aug 21st @ 4:00 pm
Marionettes - Ages 3-99 $10.00

Back by Popular Demand!!! Our Fall Fund Raiser
Old World Puppet Theatre's:
“Silbert & Gullivan’s The Mikadoo”
(Age Restriction - PG-13 only please)
Fri Sept 23rd @ 7:30 pm; Sat Sept 24th @7:30 pm;
Sun Sept 25th @ 4:00 pm
Rod Puppets - All Panda Bear Cast - $25.00 Couple $40.00